• What is a Mage

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    A Mage Fraternity member:

    What is a Mage; a Mage is a master of the Arts of magic and more. The truth is where a caster of ethereal arts uses the energies to make spells. A Mage bends ethereal energies to their will and forms it to there desires. Some Mages were more than masters of the mundane magics of the world and even experimented with weirder magics. It is said in legend that the Fraternity made the gods bow to their rule during the wars. That legend is due to the unmatched cruelty and atrocities seen during it, and a feeling of absence of divine intervention during the war save for one. But that is all lost to legend. The truth is they are superior magic users that can cast much more than an average person. Even the lowest runs of them seemed to be able go beyond what is normal channeling ability. They are powerful enemies by any standard, and to face a Mage during the war was a dance with Wier himself.

    A Mage is a member of the Mages Fraternity. The Mighty Fraternity that flew across the heavens for years and ruled the world below with only 1500 Members. Fraternity members were not all magic users. There were also the Artificers who were the incredible minds that developed the dire War machines during the war and uplifted the city of Magic. They were masters of lost technology the Alfnarie left behind. They were all but killed during the day of the Folly Save for the ones that were given the guilding that silenced their minds. There were the Sympathizers; Powerful warrior and aristocratic families that used the war to gain prowess and power. Then there were the Slave armies of the Mages. The armies were made of Chimeras, thralls, Homunculus, and constructs that were left wandering Angtheryus after the war.

    What is a Mage, a Mage is the enemy of the free, the enemy that came from within, a testement of knowledge equals power.
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