• Witch Hunters

    What is a Witch Hunter.

    A Witch Hunter was not always called a Witch Hunter, at first they were called the Witchers, and at one point they were heroes. A Witcher was a solider of necessity during the war of the Mages Folly. This small army arose from the North in Is’lay and was made of a determined 100 men and woman whose talents with magic were definitely above the rest. During the war this resistance cell was operated on the premise of taking out the Mages specifically with their anti-magic abilities. They did a superb job at canceling out their enemies talents, and with their assistance they were able to facilitate the freedom of the Aelfs during the day of the Folly. The Witchers were the first soldiers that were sent in to the penal colonies to liberate the captives during the war and some say what they saw drove them to change. The experiments they saw and the atrocities were all laid bare before them, with wounds on the prisoners that where deeper than skin. But the wars atrocities were too much even for these brave people to deal with fully.

    The change was evident after the war when they began hunting the sympathizers and remnant Mages and spell casters who thought they were above reproach. They tracked down blood mages, forbidden art users, magically inclined murderers, and caster criminals. As time passed, they created outposts in other countries to serve as reminders to all; that magic left unchecked could go out of hand. Their methods started out as normal as any investigation they would track down rumors and then find clues that lead to leads to finally finding the Caster at its core and punishing them. Yet in time they grew harsher and crueler more direct and forceful to find their targets. Rumors and reports in many nations began arising those being that they were not only taking the guilty they were taking all casters involved and doling out there punishments. It seemed that even if you had no talent for magic you were still able to be targeted by their investigations. Then it happened sudden and without warning “The Trials”. The Trials were cruel they would take people and put them to impossible tasks drownings, sewing stones in their stomachs, bloodletting, and burnings. They were no longer called Witchers then they were called witch hunters. At first the many countries and states said they would no longer allow these people to continue on like they have and officially disbanded their guilds and took away their rite to practice their justice. When the halls were raided all the hunters had gone to ground and soon the worst nightmare was realized when they raided their jails. For inside those jails lied torcher chambers and steel burning pyres rods in the number of thirteen with the signs of the Zodiac chiseled into them.

    So the hunters are now the hunted. The Heroes have fallen, and became the thing the original hundred hated. All over guards and Judges are looking for the Witch hunters that escaped. Hoping to keep the trials at bay and stop there ruthless bigotry. The Witch Hunters hate all forms of magic and their abilities have grown since the war beware these people they are dangerous
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