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The Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission

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The Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission (MRB/MRBC) functions as a mercenary guild, brokering and arbitrating mercenary contracts in the endless wars. Apart from registering mercenaries and providing a ranking system to gauge performance and reliability, the MRBC also serves as a court of arbitration in contract disputes for both employers and mercenaries. If a mercenary unit is not registered with the MRB/MRBC then it is usually (but not always) considered to be no legitimate mercenary, and therefore not subject to POW rights, among other drawbacks.

While operated by Trading Courts as the MRB, it was at the same time also a criminal extradition service, a prisoner exchange and ransoming service, and a banking house. Arbitration of contracts by Trading Courts Mercenary Review Board provided a valuable safeguard on both sides, as any unit failing to perform contracted services after taking an advance found itself unable to evade the Trading Courts almost global reach. Trading Courts informed other potential employers of a rogue unit's actions, and had the power to threaten an Interdiction against any person or group employing such a unit. To ensure fair dealings on the part of employers as well as those they hired, the MRB provided for a panel of Trading Courts administrators to hear claims concerning breaches of faith and to judge the veracity of complaints. Upon reaching a verdict, the panel released its findings throughout the townships. As the reputations of mercenary units and their employers have a bearing on subsequent negotiations involving other units or employers, violating contractual terms offered little profit to any concerned. The MRBC still offers all these functions but to a lesser degree, due to being a separate organisation from the Trading Courts.

The MRBC still offers many services to the licensed mercenary. Secure banking, if one does not trust the established ones, are available. The MRBC tries to hold many good relations with merchants and attempts to offer goods at a discounted rate to its members. Other services are offered, but not spoken about out loud or on paper. These may include safe houses and smuggling of goods into areas where the mercenaries are traveling, but that cannot be confirmed or denied. Those who hold membership in the MRBC also have no comment on if these rumors are true or not.

Membership to the MRBC is a fairly straightforward process. It first involves making a contract with the MRBC. This contract covers the details of not being held responsible for any injury or death that may occur on a job as well as the need to be very tight lipped over the contracts the mercenary may take. The breaking of this, failure to complete contracts, as well as hostility towards other companies on neutral territory, are punishable by as little as fines and up to being removed from the MRBC due to being a potential threat towards its further business. Membership is kept up by dues paid for by the mercenaries, which helps cover expenses in having negotiators and representatives of the law in the case a trial may come up for them. Furthermore, this also helps cover matters such as boarding for mercenaries who have to travel and have not had time to make other arrangements. In this respect, it works like many other guilds would. The only thing that sets it apart (other than the nature of the work done) is that the guild holds it members as being tools. During previous cases before the court, it has made a precedent of stating that the mercenary hired is nothing more than a tool for the employer. Records are kept in two types, public and private. Private records are carefully stored in the central office and watched over (in case of legal matters, they include the original contracts and member information), and the public records are best stated as "A very nice collection of adjectives and blacked out redacted lines of text" (this is to keep many of the customers of the MRBC safe and secure).
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