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A review of time.

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When the clutch was laid, it was an auspicious time. The new moon was fresh and the heavens graced the land with snow and ice. The shamans blessed the clutch, knowing its importance. From this hatching, many warriors came. They were vicious and unyielding, they held the lust for battle in their hearts. The scales of each were green, with no deviation between us.

I was of this blessed clutch, and took to the service of our homeland without question. Beyond the two years, I spent many more in the service of our people. Eventually, I welcomed the chance to know the outsiders of the world whom we did not let into our lands. I signed on with mercenaries, as it offered to provide me with food, battle and knowledge. My clutch mate and I welcomed our travels and struggles. We guarded men-folk, waged war against the knife-ears, and negotiated with the earth bound. We learned of languages and customs, we became wise. We learned from the actions of others, we noted the words of those other than our own, we learned the niceties of the lands beyond our own. In ways, these other races have many good ideas, ideas we've already had. In other ways, they are still simple creatures and are growing.

These mercenaries have rankings and contracts, and while I accept the latter, I see no purpose in the former. I kept my head low, as I know the top warriors are often challenged, and I wanted to not play in the war games of the outsiders pride. I reported information back to my people, for knowldge is always wanted to stay abreast so there is not another Mage-War. I did grow close to these other wandering warriors, for many of them would have been in the castes of shadow, the shaman and the clutch guardians. We did not speak of it, but we all found an understanding in each other in ways that those who war together understand without ever speaking a word of it. In time, I even respected many of them and the way they handled their business.

I found a contract with roaming doctors, medicine men and shamans. For the protection provided, they offered me many things. These would have not appealed to those with more "rank" in the guild, but it did not matter to me. They offered travel, travel leads to knowledge, knowledge is power. I have watched over them for some time now, and find them prime examples of their species. I admire the devotion to life and to not doing harm they hold, the way they protect and serve to the well-being of others. Now, I wander with them from place to place. I make sure they are safe and receive proper payment. They allow me to my own devices now and then, as the contract has no set period of ending, and is renewed by the year. So far, I am pleased...

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